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The “Old Salt Tattoo” studio previously known as Tattoorium is a tattoo studio in Freilassing, in the state of Bavaria /Southern Germany, right at the foot of the Alps.  

Freilassing- bordering directly onto Salzburg, Austria- due to its excellent infrastructure, the town is easily reached by our customer base from  all over Europe by either car, train or aeroplane (the airport is a 20 minute ride away)  at your  convenience.

Johann Salzinger, better known on the scene aLT TATTOO studio.

At the ‘Old Salt’  you, our valued customers, communicate your ideas and by way of discussion a custom tattoo design is developed for your special, individually tailored tattoo style.

Regardless of your chosen tattoo size, Hanzo and his team always will take the time necessary to give you quality design.

You will meet ‘Salties’ working not only at our studio but also at the large tattoo conventions all over Europe. Likewise internationally renowned tattoo artists creatively engaged to a very high standard will be temporarily resident artists at our studio every so often.  Should you wish to become avisiting tattoo artist at our studio, please feel free to apply via email contact.

As far as piercings are concerned, Stephanie, our trained and qualified piercing artist with many years of experience will be able to help and advise you on piercing ideas. Apart from piercing –on request- she will create unique individual art jewellery pieces for you.

Meantime at the Old Salt Tattoo we also boast many years of experience in tattoo removal utilising modern laser techniques. There are two choices available: either complete removal or lightening of an existing unwanted tattoo ultimately making room for a cover-up tattoo at a later stage.

Tanja Fernandez



Tattoo Specialising: Japanese, asian styles as well as tattoo removals

David Ferroni



black & grey


Piercing and Jewellery




 fine line, dot work and graphics traditional

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